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Yes! Governor Brown Signs 5 School Discipline Bills

After hearing from Californians from all corners of the state concerned with harsh school discipline rules, Governor Jerry Brown has given his stamp of approval to five bills to fix some of the worst problems. He signed the final bill, AB 1909, just hours before the Sept. 30 deadline, to ensure that social workers and ... Read More

Seven Bills Head to Governor Jerry Brown’s Desk

As students, parents, and educators get ready for this academic year, seven school discipline reform bills sit at Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. Laura Faer, an attorney with Public Counsel Law Center, points out the disturbing fact that “California issues more suspensions than diplomas each year.” Mail or fax your letters of support to (916) 558-3177 by this ... Read More
Los Angeles Students, Parents, and Teachers Call for National Moratorium on Out-of-School Suspensions

Los Angeles Students, Parents, and Teachers Call for National Moratorium on Out-of-School Suspensions

Today in Los Angeles, students, parents, and teachers from across the country launched a national “Solutions Not Suspensions” campaign calling for a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions and for schools to adopt more constructive disciplinary actions that benefit students, classrooms and communities. The effort is sponsored by the Dignity in Schools Campaign and Opportunity to Learn ... Read More

7 School Discipline Bills Headed to Governor Brown — TAKE ACTION TODAY!

7 bills to fix school discipline in California are headed to Governor Brown’s desk. After all the phone calls, letters, and time spent in Sacramento telling your stories, THIS IS IT. DOWNLOAD THE LATEST LETTERS OF SUPPORT AND FAX THEM TO (916) 558-3177 BY NEXT WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5   PLEASE DO NOT recycle old letters, ... Read More
National report reveals growth of school-suspension crisis

National report reveals growth of school-suspension crisis

UCLA researchers have released the first national study that identifies the nation’s top 100 high-suspension school districts — and shows California schools still have a big problem. Fifteen of the nation’s highest-suspending districts are in California, and the state is ranked 20th in the gap between suspensions of African American students (17.7%) and white students ... Read More

8 School Discipline Bills Move Ahead With Broad Support

Eight bills to fix school discipline are moving ahead in the California Legislature, with the final votes coming just hours before the July 4 holiday. If given final approval by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, the bills will lead to positive discipline accountability alternatives for students in schools with the most out-of-school suspensions, ... Read More