Huffington Post: Bullied By The Badge (August 2016)

Huffington Post: Set To Stun (August 2016)

Pasadena Police and Pasadena Unified MOU (2013)

Pasadena Board Policy on Questioning and Apprehension of Students (2013)

Pasadena Administrative Regulations on Question and Apprehension of Students (2013)

Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies and the Schools (requiring annual disaggregated reporting and complaint procedures) (2014)

LAUSD Discipline Foundation Policy  (February 2014)

LASPD Diversion Policy and Matrix (2014)

LASPD Arrest and Citation Reform Policy ( August 2014)

LASPD Reform Policy (August 2014)

LAUSD Discipline Foundation Policy  (February 2014)

LAUSD School Climate Bill of Rights (2014)

OUSD – City of Oakland COPS Grant MOU (2024)

OUSD Policy Re Law Enforcement Contacts for Administrators (2014)

OUSD Tracking and Reducing Student Contacts With and Arrests By Law Enforcement (2014)

SFUSD Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution (2014)


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