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New Report: Juvenile Arrest and Collateral Educational Damage in the Transition to Adulthood

A new report by David S. Kirk and Robert J. Sampson highlights the impact of juvenile arrest on completion of high school and how it alters life trajectories around work and family. The report concludes: With high school and even college graduation virtually a necessity for a successful transition to adulthood, we conclude that the ... Read More
National report reveals growth of school-suspension crisis

National report reveals growth of school-suspension crisis

UCLA researchers have released the first national study that identifies the nation’s top 100 high-suspension school districts — and shows California schools still have a big problem. Fifteen of the nation’s highest-suspending districts are in California, and the state is ranked 20th in the gap between suspensions of African American students (17.7%) and white students ... Read More

We Need to Accommodate Disabled Students, Not Expel Them

You may be aware that students with disabilities, like ADHD and other behavioral or emotional diagnoses, find it challenging to meet basic classroom behavioral expectations. Unfortunately, there is little research on ADHD and ethnicity, but according to Heather Jones, assistant professor of clinical psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University, studies suggest that “teachers generally perceive African American ... Read More