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7-Year-Old Boy Suspended for Pastry Shaped Like Gun

California isn’t the only state where parents are concerned about harsh rules like willful defiance. In yet another example of the arbitrary nature of ‘willful defiance’, last week, a 7-year-old boy was suspended for biting his pop-tart pastry into the shape of a gun. This follows a trend of young children suspended for pointing their fingers ... Read More

Yes! Governor Brown Signs 5 School Discipline Bills

After hearing from Californians from all corners of the state concerned with harsh school discipline rules, Governor Jerry Brown has given his stamp of approval to five bills to fix some of the worst problems. He signed the final bill, AB 1909, just hours before the Sept. 30 deadline, to ensure that social workers and ... Read More

7 School Discipline Bills Headed to Governor Brown — TAKE ACTION TODAY!

7 bills to fix school discipline in California are headed to Governor Brown’s desk. After all the phone calls, letters, and time spent in Sacramento telling your stories, THIS IS IT. DOWNLOAD THE LATEST LETTERS OF SUPPORT AND FAX THEM TO (916) 558-3177 BY NEXT WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5   PLEASE DO NOT recycle old letters, ... Read More

8 School Discipline Bills Move Ahead With Broad Support

Eight bills to fix school discipline are moving ahead in the California Legislature, with the final votes coming just hours before the July 4 holiday. If given final approval by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, the bills will lead to positive discipline accountability alternatives for students in schools with the most out-of-school suspensions, ... Read More

We’re 1 Vote Away and the Clock Is Ticking

Parents, students and educators trekked to Sacramento from Los Angeles, Oakland, Vallejo, and all over California to tell legislators why bills to change school discipline rules are so critical. And in a marathon day and night of telling their stories to legislators they helped win the passage of 4 bills in key committee votes. Click ... Read More

Real-Life Discipline Drama Heads to Sacramento

The school discipline story is often told in hard numbers: the 400,000 California students suspended every year, the 20% of students suspended by some school districts. Now a new play puts a human face on the impact of harsh discipline rules. The world premiere play ZERO from Cornerstone Theater Company features real-life stories from Sacramento ... Read More

Send a Virtual Postcard: Don’t Let California Students Disappear

California legislators have taken a first step toward approving bills that would fix major problems with school discipline rules, improve data collection, and give educators more discretion before issuing out-of-school suspensions. But Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget would cut key protections for students. Click here to send a virtual postcard today and ask him to ... Read More
Poll: More than 80% Support Fixing School Discipline

Poll: More than 80% Support Fixing School Discipline

A newly released poll of Californians shows more than 80% support changes to harsh school discipline rules that led to the suspension or expulsion of more than 400,000 students in 2009-2010 and more than 750,000 suspensions in the same year. Are you in the 80%? Click here to send your name to California legislators and ... Read More